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Parish Council

Council Membership

Chairman:  Izzi Hazelwood, tel: 01608 661816

Vice-Chairman:  Penny White

Parish Clerk:  Sue Finlay, tel: 01608 661157

Councillor: Chris Long-Leather

Councillor: Richard Eedle

Councillor: Jon Holdback

Parish Council email:

County and District Councillor: Trevor Harvey tel: , email:

The Parish Council does not own any property.

MEETINGS: Stretton-on-Fosse Village Hall

Annual General Meeting: 9th May 2023 3pm

Annual Parish Assembly: 29th May 2023 7pm (NB changed from 9th May)

Parish Council Meeting: 29th May 2023 following APA

Latest Reports / Minutes

Annual report

Village Hall annual report

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

NB all minutes remain draft until signed as correct at the next meeting.

Annual General Meetings

Annual Parish Assembley Meetings

Audit and Accounts

Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR)


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