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The Stretton Biodiversity Group

aims to support the conservation of nature in our village and foster a growing interest in the natural world. We help to monitor and improve key local habitats and species, including maintaining native wild flower patches around the village and the Spinney alongside the gated road. These in turn are helping to support native wildlife - from bees to bats and hedgehogs to hawk moths. We also organise community events, talks by experts and visits to interesting habitats: cream teas, talk, exhibitions etc.




Over the last year the Biodiversity Group has continued to maintain the wild wildflower areas on the Green opposite the Village Hall.  In addition bee friendly flowers and bulbs have been planted around the fruit trees that have been planted in previous years.  

Stretton-on-Fosse Apple Juice: last year we sold about 450 bottles of our juice and made a profit which is being donated to various village projects. All the apples came from the orchards and gardens in the parish.


David Passingham - Chair

01608 661816

Stretton greenfingers gardening club

Membership: £10 per annum, new members welcome. The club programme typically covers 2 talks, 2 non Stretton garden visits, plant sales and 2 walks around Stretton gardens. We also run the Annual Village Show.

Contact Chris Long-Leather

01608 663863 or

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